Dr. George Taylor III Your Business and Personal Success Partner!

I Guide You in Defining, Developing, and Living a Successful Life with Purpose on Your Terms! 

How I serve You!


Your Business and Professional Coach

My business is helping you not only succeed and reach your personal and business goals, but to also truly embrace and enjoy your success . . . on your terms!  I do this through a focused range of offerings designed for you to live a life of joy, achievement, and accomplishment.  My  specific services and products offered for you include individual professional and personal goal development and tracking, organizational business start-up and entrepreneurship advisement, and business workshops consistent with the Blessed Strategy framework.  My commitment is not only to inspire you but to help motivate and guide you to take action!  


Organizational Dream-Teaming and Partnering

I have over 20 years of helping individuals, groups, and teams reach their goals.  In working with you and your organization, my commitment is that you maintain responsibility and control.  My role is to apply subject matter expertise in the areas of leadership, strategy, human resources, change management, and training and development.


My Expertise - Your Value!

I am an author, certified professional coach, academic, and organizational and human resources professional.  The processes and strategies that I employ include the Blessed Strategy framework, which focuses on start-ups and early stage businesses.  I also use advanced organizational business solutions for larger organizations with elements of the Blessed Strategy framework.  All interventions are evidence-based, fad-free, and tailored to meet your needs.